Friday, March 07, 2003

Wednesday, March 05, 2003

Ahh, Mark Steyn. Eases the pain.

If Mr. Chr├ętien wanted to articulate the views of the overwhelming majority of his party and a slightly smaller majority of the Canadian people, he'd take the Franco-Belgo-German line: no justification for war, inspections are working, we need to give them more time to work even better, at least a year, maybe three, etc, etc. Instead, since last spring, we've had a tortured straddle, in which the government has gone to such lengths to avoid having to take a position that it's now moved the entire Armed Forces out of town. The army's going to be spending the Iraqi war in Afghanistan so that, in the event that George and Tony knock on the door and ask if the Princess Pats can come out to play, Jean can say sorry, they've gone to their aunt in the country for the summer. Would he have turned the Yanks down flat? Or would he have cut our boys in? The beauty of this solution is that we'll never know! It's an ingenious solution -- if you think the job of the government is to punt the great issues of the day.

And the reason for the punt is just abject submissivity to the Americans. Not principle, not a real desire to help but misgivings about the cause itself, nothing.

Now, on the subject of Carolyn Parrish's uneloquent "I hate those bastards" remark, I started a post but it swelled to Whittle-like length, so I'm going to rewrite and expand--you'll see it tomorrow or the next day. I'll explain to all you Americans why we make remarks like Parrish's. It'll be fun! See you then.

Tuesday, March 04, 2003

Bat Yeor reviews Mordechai Nisan's Minorities in the Middle East. Too good to quote piecemeal, but I will say that it throws a good curveball at multiculturalism by pointing out the distinct minority cultures (Kurds, Alawites, Copts, Jews, Berbers, Druze, Christians, etc.) which are muffled, threatened, or in danger of extinction by Arabist Muslims. Imperialism ahoy!

Monday, March 03, 2003

Couple weeks old, but still crispy: Israeli novelist Amos Oz (The Same Sea and Fima, to name two of his books that I read and loved) has a thoughtful anti-war article. Don't say I never linked to one. He thinks that removing Saddam won't do the job, and might make things worse--I disagree, but I definitely see his point. And I do agree when he says the "cure for radical Islam is moderate Islam", which has been the lesson in the West with Christianity. I would emphasise moderate, individual Islam, for the reasons Steven Den Beste outlines here.

And a big ipse dixit to Howard Fienberg for finding the Oz link first.